Hotel & Leisure

Hotel & Leisure

The Construction Co have been consistently working within the Hotel & Leisure environment since the companies launch. We recognise the responsibilities of working with the client and alongside appointed project managers, architects and interior designers. It is because of these working relationships we have developed an intensive understanding of the operations within the Hotel & Leisure sector.

We aim to programme and complete the construction works with minimal disturbance to staff, but most importantly to the guests. We understand that revenue is affected when work is required within areas that your gests will be using consistently like the rooms, bars and restaurants. We understand it is important to minimise the impact of construction and development in areas which will effect the guests experience. This means we adapt our approach to suit the given situation but still maintaining progression allowing us to complete the works within timescales and budgets.

Our construction approach to the Hotel & Leisure Sector:

  • Minimal disturbance to Staff & Guests
  • Continuing levels of cleanliness
  • Work completed in unsociable hours
  • Take project lead or undertake a specific job
  • Liaising with clients, designers and engineers where required

So if you are in the hotel or leisure industry and would like further advice, please call us now on 01603 436307 to discuss your plans and to see how The Construction Co can help you.